Thermal insulating wall panels with hidden fixings

IsoPer A thermal insulating wall panels with hidden fixings represent an excellent solution to satisfy the most demanding aesthetic requirements. This panels can be mounted both horizontally and vertically allowing to create some highly decorative walls.  


IsoPer A panels are recommended for industrial and commercial buildings where the aesthetic aspect is very important. The walls with hidden fixings have the ends of the fixing elements concealed and on the sections installed horizontally are foreseen with dummy joints.    

  1. Pre-painted zinc coated steel sheet according to EN 10143, EN 10346 and EN 10169 standards in force. Microprofiles: STANDARD, PLISSE, LIS.
  2. Core: PUR or PIR polyurethane foam (it is not harmful or damaging).
  3. Sealing gasket: ensures a good thermal insulation and sealing of the fixing joint. D=40 mm panels are delivered without sealing gasket.
  4. Self-tapping screw with EPDM washer and gasket


- Shopping centres;
- Storages;
- Site organizations (prefabricated modules);
- Cold rooms in the food industry;
- Socio-cultural buildings (schools, cafeterias, sports halls, etc.);
- Interior partitions for any type of constructions

Thicknesses available:

IsoPer A thermal insulating wall panels with hidden fixings are available in the following thicknesses:
  • 40 mm,
  • 50 mm,
  • 60 mm,
  • 80 mm,
  • 100 mm.
  • 120 mm

IsoPer A thermal insulating wall panels with hidden fixings are available in the following sizes:

  • Length: 2000-13500 mm;
    • Admitted deviations:
      • For lengths smaller than 3 m:± 5 mm;
      • For lengths higher than 3 m: ± 10 mm.
    • Width: 1000 mm;
      • Admitted deviations: ± 2 mm.

Main features of IsoPer A panels:

  • Reduced weight, between 9-14 kg/square meter
  • Reduced heat transfer coefficient compared to other building materials;
  • Are impermeable to air and humidity due to the high percent of closed cells in polyurethane foam.


The products are delivered together will all the accessories necessary for mounting:

  • Metal accessories (platework elements) – are delivered in the same colours as the panels. A
  • Fixing elements.


The thermal insulating wall panels with hidden fixings packed by size and colour, directly on the production line and are protected with expandable foil in PE, to avoid any damage of the pre-painted sides. The number of panels in each package depends on their length and thickness.

Permissible loads:





Computing values, wind load under pressure [kN/m2]


Permissible distance between supports [m]


U* – heat transfer coefficient.

U1 – heat transfer coefficient considering the panel profile geometry and the thermal influence of the fixing joint.

U2 – heat transfer coefficient considering the panel profile geometry *Calculated acc. EN 14509:2013, method (A.10). The standard length of the panel is between 2 and 13.5 m. The panels up to maximum 15 m or shorter than 2 m can be done only after prior discussions with the technical department.

Dimensional tolerances according to EN 14509 – 2013:

LENGTH <= 3000 mm

± 5 mm

LENGTH > 3000 mm

± 10 mm

Deviation from perpendicularity

6 mm


± 2 mm

THICKNESS (D) <100 mm

THICKNESS (D) > 100 mm

± 2 mm

± 2 %