Thermal insulating roof panels

IsoAgro panels are recommended for the roofs of agrozootechnical buildings where the minimum roof slope is 7%. This type of panels are available with 3 or 5 ribs and they have one side in fiberglass and the other in pre-painted steel sheet with PUR polyurethane foam core.

  1. Pre-painted zinc coated steel sheet according to EN 10143, EN 10346 and EN 10169 standards in force. Micro profiles: STANDARD.
  2. Core: PUR polyurethane foam (it is not harmful or damaging).
  3. Fiberglass resistant to microorganisms, bacteria or acids that are usually found in farms. Thickness: 0.5 mm. Colour: opaque white
  4. Self-tapping screw with EPDM washer and gasket.
  5. Metal dome with gasket.

Admissible loading:

Valori de calcul, încărcare de zăpadă [kN/m2]
U1U2Distanța admisă dintre reazeme [m]

U* – heat transfer coefficient.

U1 – heat transfer coefficient considering the panel profile geometry and the thermal influence of the fixing joint.

U2 – heat transfer coefficient considering the panel profile geometry

The standard length of the panel is between 2 and 10 m. The panels that are longer than this range can be done only after a prior discussions with the technical department.


Dimensional tolerances:


LENGTH between 2.000 – 4.000 mm

± 10 mm

LENGTH > 4.000 mm

± 15 mm

Deviation from perpendicularity

5 mm


± 7,5 mm

THICKNESS (D) = 40 mm

± 3 mm

THICKNESS (D) = 50, 60 mm

± 4 mm

THICKNESS (D) = 80, 100 mm

+ 6, – 4 mm