TeraSteel also offers you a range of accessories for the construction of halls:

Flat skylight

The flat skylight made from cellular polycarbonate, 30 mm thick, is mounted only from the gutter ridge (it does not allow sandwich panel overlapping).   

  • thickness 30 mm
  • width 1000 mm
  • k=1.3 w/m2•k
  • three chambers
  • clear and opaque
  • weight: 4 kg/m2
  • light transmission: clear 59%, opaque 30%

5 Rib skylight

The 5 rib skylight made from cellular polycarbonate, 10 and 16 mm thick, is used to create light stripes in sandwich panels or corrugated sheet roofs.

  • thickness 10 mm, 16 mm
  • width 1000 mm
  • k=2.9 w/m2•k
  • two chambers
  • clear and opaque
  • weight: 2.8 kg/m2
  • light transmission: clear 72%, opaque 47%

Smoke hatches

Function: zenithal light, exhaust.

The dome is designed to be installed on corrugated sheet or sandwich panel roofs in order to ensure zenithal light, smoke exhaustion in case of fire and daily ventilation functions.

The dome is made of:

  • a polyester base reinforced with fiberglass having a height of 300 mm, provided with thermal insulation. The heat transfer coefficient of the dome’s base is: U=2.5 w/m2•ºK.
  • a mobile part consisting of an aluminium frame that covers the material from which the “cap” is made in order to fix and protect it.
  • a pneumatic opening cylinder operated through a thermofusible device set at a certain temperature. The opening force of the mobile parte is given by this cylinder through the pneumatic energy generated by CO2. The opening of the mobile part is done using a CO2 cartridge and the closing is manual.

Sanitary profiles

TeraSteel offers the complete range of PVC profiles and accessories necessary for cold storage rooms and other uses that require strict thermal and hygiene conditions.  


Industrial doors

The industrial doors have the following features:

  • 4 cm thick sandwich panels;
  • high strength steel fittings;
  • the gates are balanced with a steel torsion spring for 50.000 openings;
  • in the standard version, the door have included protection against spring break, against cable break and device against finger trap;
  • the panels can be accessorized with pedestrian access doors, glazed panels, windows with different models, etc.;
  • the doors may have manual opening, can be driven by chain reducer or may have automatic opening operated from the control panel or by remote control;
  • sealing with perimeter rubber gaskets;
  • and non-galvanised having a thickness of 2.0 mm

Standard exterior colours: RAL 9002 white, RAL 9006 silver, RAL 5010 blue, anthracite grey 7016, RAL3000 fire red

Interior colour: RAL 9002 white