Turnkey halls

TeraSteel halls are a modular, long lasting, easy to assemble, easy to relocate, adaptable to a wide range of needs and requirements product.

Headquarter + storage hall


  • Can be made with a partial floor (mezzanine) for offices
  • Upon request can be added skylights and smoke hatches

Possible uses:

  • Storage halls
  • Production halls
  • Large auto service
  • Supermarket halls
  • Agrozootechnical farms
  • Halls for cereals storage

Production Halls

The kit contains:

  • Zinc coated profiles structure
  • Sandwich panels for walls
  • Sandwich panels for roofs
  • Pre-painted metal sheets elements (flashings)
  • Screws necessary for mounting

Possible uses:

  • Auto service halls
  • Garage halls
  • Buildings for small workshops
  • Minimarket halls
  • Temporary constructions
  • Storage halls

The system contains:

  • the foundation design sealed and verified by MDRAP;
  • the resistance design of the metal frame building sealed and verified by MDRAP requirement A2;
  • sandwich panels with PUR, PIR foam or basaltic mineral wool for closings (walls and roof);
  • masking accessories from sheet pre-painted with polyester paint;
  • PVC or Aluminium joinery in any configuration required by the client;
  • skylights, smoke hatches including daily ventilation system;
  • industrial sectional doors with manual or electric operation;
  • beams and pillars in zinc coated pressed profiles;
  • horizontal and vertical bracing;
  • purlin rows on each side;
  • rows of façade rods to attach the panels;
  • plates, pillar base gussets and connecting pieces between all the main resistance elements;
  • high strength electro-zinc coated fastening screws group 8.8;
  • technical assistance from the designers and the project manager.

The products that compose a metal hall are:

  • Profiles with thin cold pressed walls type C, Sigma, Z and U, between 1 and 4 mm thick;
  • Joining nodes made of thick metal sheets (6-25 mm) machined and protected with a zinc coating;
  • Assembly bodies made of metal screws with sizes between 8 and 30 mm, protected by a zinc coating ;
  • Masking accessories for the joints between the envelope elements, products in pre-painted metal sheets between 4 and 6 mm thick;
  • Related products: PVC or Aluminium joinery, industrial sectional doors (any size and configuration), smoke hatches and ventilation, polycarbonate skylights, curtain walls, etc.
  • The main advantages of TeraSteel metal frame buildings are: durability, corrosion protection, modularity and fast assembly/disassembly.

Advantages of TeraSteel halls system:

  • low steel consumption that ensures a low construction cost (EUR/m2)
  • lower amount of infrastructure works (diggings, concrete castings, reinforcements) compared to the classic solution (euro-profiles or square pipe).
  • durable materials, low maintenance costs
  • easy assembly, high modularity
  • “green” buildings with a reduced CO2 footprint
  • can be easily disassembled and relocated