Self-Supporting Corrugated Sheet TRS 153-840

The self-supporting corrugated sheet of 153 mm, offered by TeraSteel, is the ideal solution for terrace roof types with small slope (angle up to 5°) and big openings between the structural elements (4-9 m), as support for thermal insulating and hydro insulating products. Another use of this product is for intermediate floors where it is used as lost shuttering.   

  • Storage and logistic buildings;
  • Industrial buildings;
  • Sports halls;
  • Agricultural buildings


Rib height: 153 mm

Useful width: 840 mm

Sheet thickness: 0.75, 0.88, 1, 1.25 mm

Minimum length: 2000 mm

Maximum length: 13500 mm

Product standard: EN 14782:2006

Material quality: S320GD+Z+Polyesther (EN 10346:2015)

Raw material tolerance: EN 10143:2006

Finite product tolerance: EN 508-1:2014