What is Lead by TeraSteel?

An innovative solution for metal buildings that reaches a new level of performance in what concerns sustainability, thermal insulation and resistance to fire. Lead by TeraSteel contributes to the reduction of the CO2 footprint, providing architects a higherfreedom of design as well as optimised costs for the beneficiaries.

Lead by TeraSteel CO2

Reduction of the CO2 footprint

Superior energy efficiency

Increased Resistance to External Factors

Cost optimization

Reuse of materials

Resistance to fire

Superior energy efficiency

The new insulation technology V PLUS PERFORM™ is a polyurethane solution that allows the production of a new generation of insulation panels. Therefore, the heat transfer coefficient is 20% better. Energy efficiency is improved even more by developing a system of concrete slab that prevents heat loss by replacing the layer of gravel for capillary break and expanded polystyrene with expanded glass foam (Geocelll) obtained from recycled glass.

Increased resistance to external factors

The profiles used for the Lead metal halls benefit of a basic coating of magnesium-aluminium-zinc that provides an unprecedented corrosion resistance, even in the harshest environments. Lead thermal insulation panels are made using steel sheets with GreenCoat (SSAB) coating – very resistant to corrosion, UV radiations as well as scratches.

Cost optimization

The superior energy performance of the materials and the innovative details used allows a superior sealing and a saving of up to 20% of the energy consumption compared to the average market.

Furthermore, the easy relocation of the hall and the possibility to reuse the constructive elements in relocation, help optimize the costs.

What does Lead by TeraSteel provide?

Our solution relies on the remarkable efficiency of the heat transfer, on the reduction of maintenance costs, increased fire safety, resistance and reliability of turnkey halls. Designed, manufactured and assembled by TeraSteel, the Lead hall is a unique solution for the construction market in Romania, managing to bring real benefits to architects, beneficiaries and environment.

Superior reaction to fire

The V Plus Perform technology with cyclopentane provides superior resistance and reaction to fire:

  • Superior reaction to fire;
  • Euro class B-s1, d0;
  • Resistance to fire: 30 min.

Relocation and reuse

The new technology Lead by TeraSteel offers the possibility to improve the structural design process and the reuse of constructive elements for relocation.

Reduction of the carbon footprint

By applying the coating of magnesium-aluminium-zinc alloy it is ensured the reduction of zinc leaks in soil. Furthermore, the constructive elements may be reused in case of relocation. In addition, Lead halls use precast foundations with reduced costs and reusable, and the GreenCoat® coating presents a technological coverage based on bio substances (BT - bio-technology).

The V PLUS PERFORM panel insulation technology from Dow helps to create buildings prepared for the future, placing sustainability, energy efficiency and people in the centre of the design.

TeraSteel is part of Teraplast Group, one of the largest producers of construction materials with Romanian capital.

Industrial projects

Thermal insulating sandwich panels

Zinc coated profiles

Why TeraSteel?

We offer more than added value. We offer design documents, production and components of the steel structures and assembly in the field of industrial, commercial, agricultural or zoo-technical buildings, as well as for a wide range of steel buildings.